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Tips for Splurging and Saving on Your Wedding Budget

Determining your wedding budget can be one of the most difficult parts of planning a wedding. From the venue deposit to the DJ, the catered menu to the centerpieces, your preferences determine what you want, what you need, and what you could care less about. First and foremost, hiring a wedding planner is a must to help you with everything from touring Boise wedding venues to day-of coordinating. But what about everything else?



It’s essential to know how much money you have to spend and figure out how you want to spend it. But what are some areas that you can definitely spend, versus things you know you need to make the happiest day of your life perfect?


Where to Save in Your Wedding Budget


Paper Goods: This traditional staple of weddings is becoming less and less relevant. Paper goods on the day of the wedding - programs, menus, About Us handouts - tend to be read and then discarded by guests soon afterward. Save money, and a couple of trees, by going digital or making signs that dictate the schedule and where guests should go next. 


Centerpieces: Before you protest, think about this for a bit. Hundreds of flowers being used for a few hours and then tossed the next day? Your bridal party flowers are important, but massive arrangements on every table can be wasteful and not worth the investment. Go for a modern look and mix-and-match your decor. Use vintage tableware, romantic literature, assorted candles, and other objects you can find at a charity shop or Facebook Marketplace and then recycle after your big day. Who knows, maybe you can use it as nostalgic decor in your home with your new spouse!


Wedding Favors: Maybe getting party favors when you were younger was fun, but what are people supposed to do with bottles of water with logos or wedding first aid kits? Save yourself the expense and the hassle of putting these together. Instead, create a photo booth for guests to make fun memories in, or think up a cute phrase for a personalized hashtag. 


Where to Splurge in Your Wedding Budget


Personalized Menu: Food is one of the biggest things guests remember after the wedding. Since it’s a focal point of many wedding schedules, why shouldn’t it reflect your relationship as a couple or family heritage? Find a caterer that can tailor a menu to your tastes and vision for your special day. The best catering food Boise has to offer will work with you to create a menu worthy of your dreams. This is especially important for foodie couples and families.


All-Inclusive Venue: Having everything onsite not only makes everything simpler, but easier from the beginning of the planning process to the emotional send-off at the end of your wedding day. Professional and experienced staff, automated technology, in-house catering, and bridal suites are all important factors in choosing a venue that works best for your needs. Have a must-have list ready before touring any venues and share it with your wedding planner. 


Photography: For many couples, one of their biggest regrets is not getting the right photographer for their wedding. Having beautiful photos that capture the essence of your big day last a lifetime, and choosing an experienced photographer with a diverse portfolio ensures that you get that. Remember your wedding day details, stories, and memories through gorgeous photos taken by a professional. They often also create a compilation of the best photos into priceless albums and online displays. This is well worth the splurge in any wedding budget. 


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