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Tips for Splurging and Saving on Your Wedding Budget

Determining your wedding budget can be one of the most difficult parts of planning a wedding. From the venue deposit to the DJ, the catered menu to the centerpieces, your preferences determine what you want, what you need, and what you could care less about. First and foremost, hiring a wedding planner is a must to help you with everything from touring Boise wedding venues to day-of coordinating. But what about everything else?



It’s essential to know how much money you have to spend and figure out how you want to spend it. But what are some areas that you can definitely spend, versus things you know you need to make the happiest day of your life perfect?


Where to Save in Your Wedding Budget


Paper Goods: This traditional staple of weddings is becoming less and less relevant. Paper goods on the day of the wedding - programs, menus, About Us handouts - tend to be read and then discarded by guests soon afterward. Save money, and a couple of trees, by going digital or making signs that dictate the schedule and where guests should go next. 


Centerpieces: Before you protest, think about this for a bit. Hundreds of flowers being used for a few hours and then tossed the next day? Your bridal party flowers are important, but massive arrangements on every table can be wasteful and not worth the investment. Go for a modern look and mix-and-match your decor. Use vintage tableware, romantic literature, assorted candles, and other objects you can find at a charity shop or Facebook Marketplace and then recycle after your big day. Who knows, maybe you can use it as nostalgic decor in your home with your new spouse!


Wedding Favors: Maybe getting party favors when you were younger was fun, but what are people supposed to do with bottles of water with logos or wedding first aid kits? Save yourself the expense and the hassle of putting these together. Instead, create a photo booth for guests to make fun memories in, or think up a cute phrase for a personalized hashtag. 


Where to Splurge in Your Wedding Budget


Personalized Menu: Food is one of the biggest things guests remember after the wedding. Since it’s a focal point of many wedding schedules, why shouldn’t it reflect your relationship as a couple or family heritage? Find a caterer that can tailor a menu to your tastes and vision for your special day. The best catering food Boise has to offer will work with you to create a menu worthy of your dreams. This is especially important for foodie couples and families.


All-Inclusive Venue: Having everything onsite not only makes everything simpler, but easier from the beginning of the planning process to the emotional send-off at the end of your wedding day. Professional and experienced staff, automated technology, in-house catering, and bridal suites are all important factors in choosing a venue that works best for your needs. Have a must-have list ready before touring any venues and share it with your wedding planner. 


Photography: For many couples, one of their biggest regrets is not getting the right photographer for their wedding. Having beautiful photos that capture the essence of your big day last a lifetime, and choosing an experienced photographer with a diverse portfolio ensures that you get that. Remember your wedding day details, stories, and memories through gorgeous photos taken by a professional. They often also create a compilation of the best photos into priceless albums and online displays. This is well worth the splurge in any wedding budget. 


About Chateau des Fleurs


Chateau des Fleurs is an elegant, fully automated event venue in the Treasure Valley. It has facilities for a wide range of special occasions and is one of the best Boise wedding venues. Chateau des Fleurs is also home to Le Coq d’Or, which is one of the finest restaurants in Eagle Idaho.  


For additional information, visit Chateaueagle.com 


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Chic French-Inspired Details for Pacific Northwest Summer Weddings

Dreaming of a French wedding but landlocked in the Northwest? The French are well-known for knowing how to embrace chic but elegant details without losing simplicity. Chateau architecture, cultivated gardens, delicious hors-d’oeuvres, and flowing wine bring to mind France’s timeless beauty and sophisticated culture. Incorporate some of these romantic details into your special day, even if you’re thousands of miles away from the lavender fields of Provence.



Choose a venue that reflects the beautiful, feminine architecture of old-world Europe. Tall ceilings with floor to ceiling windows, chandeliers, and marble floors effortlessly create an opulent atmosphere without needing to add extra decor. Open gardens and rolling lawns are perfect for summer weddings, especially for post-ceremony photographs and cocktail hour.

During the ceremony, consider participating in a wine box sealing ritual. For this tradition, couples write each other notes and place them in a wooden box with a bottle of wine. The box is locked or sealed at the ceremony and then opened on their first wedding anniversary. This is a wonderful way to incorporate French wine and romance into your ceremony tastefully.

A watercolor palette reminiscent of 18th and 19th century French art transforms invitations, table numbers, and ceremony bulletins. Light blues with subtle metallic accents, floral prints, and rich wine colors are all possibilities for an elegant French motif. Create a menu with one of the fine dining Eagle restaurants and design a simple yet elegant paper menu that also serves as a souvenir for guests. Include sprigs of lavender in the table centerpieces, bouquets, or even with the invitations.

Other decor that emits a French tone includes gilded candlesticks, simple lace linens, and gorgeously cut glassware. Display table names or numbers in French for a sophisticated touch. Double-check that the grammar and spelling are correct with a friend or relative who speaks French, since Google Translate isn’t always 100% accurate. Vintage china is a lovely touch for eclectic themes without seeming gaudy. While it easy to include many French details in a sophisticated theme, it is also possible to overdo it. Simplicity is best, and less is always more with old-world European touches.

Most importantly, take the time to create a delicious menu with French origins that reflects you and your partner. Check out restaurants in Eagle Idaho that cater weddings and ask if they can cultivate a French menu, from appetizers to dessert. Have a diverse cheese board with wine pairings during cocktail hour. Enlist the help of an experienced maîtred’hôtel or sommelier to truly capture the essence of French cuisine. Include warm baguettes at every table, or serve delicious crepes as part of your dessert selection.

From romantic decor to delicious food, the French know how to cultivate a stylish and chic event effortlessly. Get inspired by French culture and create a très chic wedding that brings France to wherever you are.

About Chateau des Fleurs

Chateau des Fleurs is an elegant, fully automated event venue in the Treasure Valley. It has facilities for a wide range of special occasions and is one of the best Boise wedding venues. Chateau des Fleurs is also home to Le Coq d’Or, which is one of the finest restaurants in Meridian Idaho.

For additional information, visit Chateaueagle.com

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Qualities of Premier Local Fine-Dining Restaurants

When competing with other restaurants, fine-dining restaurants understand that food is not the only attractive feature of dining out. The menu and standard of hospitality are obviously of priority. But what makes a restaurant stand apart from the rest and make it a hub for its targeted audience? When searching out local restaurants that exceed expectations for experience, here are a few characteristics of successful fine-dining restaurants.


Fresh Ingredients

Restaurants that resource ingredients from local farms and artisanal producers support the community they reside in, whenever possible. By thoughtfully curating groceries that support their desired menu, restaurants in Meridian Idaho that shop from farms in Homedale Idaho represent the hardworking farmers that produce quality, fresh food. Loyalty to local and sustainable ingredients is rare with chain restaurants, even fine-dining chains.


Developed Menu

Menus designed by experienced, top Executive Chefs often focus on their expertise and experiences in the food world. Old-world European cuisine with Eastern and Persian influences transformed into a course-dependent menu needs thoughtful planning and experiential knowledge. Le Coq d’Or is one of the top restaurants in Eagle Idaho, yet it’s exquisite old-world cuisine fits perfectly with locally sourced ingredients chosen by the Executive Chef Richard Jimenez, who grew up in the Boise area.



The space, comfort, and details of the dining room factor into the quality of a dining experience. Loyal customers often return to restaurants they enjoy not only for the food, but also for the ambiance and feel of the dining experience. The hospitality and cleanliness of space are hugely important, especially for restaurants that want to pair a fine-dining menu with a high-quality customer experience from entrance to exit.


Knowledgeable and Friendly Staff

Despite advances in food delivery and dining experiences in technology, customers still want to interact with restaurant staff when choose to dine out. A Maître D’ that has extensive knowledge of house wines to pair with an artful dish or a server that is attentive consistently throughout the meal can increase the satisfaction of a fine-dining experience.


Local restaurants that offer the best fine-dining experiences embrace their community and provide incredible services that go beyond the food.


About Chateau des Fleurs


Chateau des Fleurs is home to Le Coq d’Or, which is one of the finest Eagle restaurants. This full-service venue’s lavish facilities can be used for several occasions, including corporate gatherings and weddings.


For additional information, visit Chateaueagle.com



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Choosing a Sophisticated Wedding Venue in Idaho

In the era of Pinterest weddings, brides-to-be are overwhelmed with ideas and visions and collections to inspire their special day. However, all of those choices are on hold until making the first choice: the venue! Even the wedding date is reliant upon the availability, budget, and location of the venue. Boise wedding venues tend to vary between restaurants and event centers, even barns and wineries. But very few are all-inclusive of fine-dining, stunning indoor spaces, professional event staff, and beautiful natural scenery. Here are a few essential factors to remember when choosing the perfect venue.



Wedding Planner

Every bride has a unique and personal vision of what they imagine their special day to be. Some couples have very detailed and specific requests, while others are looking for a simplistic celebration. A Wedding Planner is key to making sure to execute every detail and the husband and wife-to-be enjoy their day instead of being stressed and overwhelmed. When choosing a venue, sites that staff Wedding and Event Planners have an advantage of having comprehensive and creative knowledge of the venue. They know the best food Boise has to offer and have developed relationships with vendors to pull off the perfect décor, meal plan, and wedding agenda.



Idaho weather hits all of the four seasons, from snowy winters to heated summers. Few venues are beautiful year-round indoors and out. Find a venue that will reflect the beauty of the wedding day, despite snow, rain, or heat. Air-conditioning during the summer is crucial, as is a rain plan during the autumn and spring months. Ask a Wedding Planner for décor and food ideas that incorporate the season for Boise wedding venues.



Before viewing any wedding venues, discuss the intended budget for the entire wedding. If a venue does not include a wedding planner, catering, bridal suites, or tables and chairs could be a disadvantage. The best venues have thought of every convenience for the bride and groom, from a local wine list at the beverage bar to the technology and lighting. All-inclusive venues are easier to factor into budgets, especially if there is a Wedding Planner on-site.


Guest List & Experience

Keep in mind the experience that guests will have at the chosen venue. Is it a small, intimate gathering with family only or an immense celebration that includes hundreds of friends and family members? The guest list determines the size of the venue and the experience that they will have on the wedding day, from the ceremony to send-off. Remember the menu, and look at restaurants in Eagle Idaho and other locations in the Treasure Valley for the finest chefs.


Chateau des Fleurs is the premier all-inclusive wedding venue in the Boise Idaho area, with highly attentive professional staff, magnificent spaces, and in-house catering inspired by the exquisite on-site restaurant, Le Coq d’Or. For an incredibly romantic and luxury wedding venue, choose Chateau des Fleurs for a personalized dream wedding.


About Chateau des Fleurs


Chateau des Fleurs is an elegant, fully automated event venue in Eagle, Idaho. It has facilities for a wide range of special occasions and is one of the best Boise wedding venues. Chateau des Fleurs is also home to Le Coq d’Or, which offers some of the finest food in the Boise-Eagle area.


For additional information, visit Chateaueagle.com



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Spend Quality Time with a Loved One at the Best Eagle Restaurants

When people in Idaho—or America as a whole, for that matter—think of February, the first thing that probably comes to mind is Valentine’s Day. As almost everyone knows, Valentine’s Day is a day devoted to people celebrating their romantic relationships. As such, boyfriends and girlfriends pull out all the stops to let their loved ones know just how much they care. In the Treasure Valley, that can include booking reservations at one of the finest restaurants in Eagle Idaho.



Even after February 14th has come and gone, going to fine dining restaurants in Meridian, Boise or Eagle can touch a significant other very deeply. (For one thing, it can also help smooth things over if somebody forgot to do anything special for V-Day.) Few things spell L-O-V-E like some delicious food, some fine wine and some lovely ambiance.


Eagle, Boise and Meridian have all gone through quite a few changes and a lot of growth over the past few years. With various companies flourishing and more sophisticated tastes and demands arising, people now have more options that ever when it comes to restaurants in Meridian Idaho and other Treasure Valley locations.

Currently, Eagle and Boise residents have access to flavors and cuisines from all over the world. For example, if they and their romantic partners want to try some traditional French cuisine, they can do so easily. This includes foie gras, pouletperigord and, yes, escargot.


They do not need to worry about the freshness of the food either. A top-quality restaurant will source its food from local vendors whenever it is possible to do so.

Of course, one key component of any fine dining experience is the service. The Boise-Eagle area is now home to people who have trained at some of the finest institutes in the world. There individuals have also worked in premier restaurants both in the United States and abroad. Some may even be able to tell you firsthand stories of Hollywood celebrities (it would probably be rude to ask for them, though).


The main point is this: The best restaurants in Eagle or Boise offer a quality of food and service that makes a loved one feel pampered and cared for.


Le Coq d’Or at Chateau des Fleurs is one of the finest Eagle restaurants. Its expert staff, world-class food and elegant atmosphere make it an ideal romantic destination on Valentine’s Day or any other time of the year.


About Chateau des Fleurs


Chateau des Fleurs is home to Le Coq d’Or, which offers some of the finest food Boise and Eagle.This full-service venue’slavish facilities can be used for several occasions, including corporate gatherings and weddings.


For additional information, visit Chateaueagle.com



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Pamper a Special Someone at the Best Restaurants in Eagle Idaho

When somebody wants to show their boyfriend or girlfriend how much they love them, only the best will do. People can employ a wide variety of methods to express their feelings—a bouquet of flowers, an expensive box of chocolates, an enormous stuffed animal. If somebody in the Treasure Valley wants to give their loved one an experience that they will truly treasure, however, they can go to one of the finest restaurants in Eagle Idaho.


Eagle is one of the most gorgeous and charming locations in all of Idaho. In addition to having beautiful scenery, elegant homes and lovely shops, the city has some of the best upscale restaurants in the Gem State. This gives couples a variety of options when they want to spoil each other a little bit.

Features of Great Eagle Restaurants

The best Eagle restaurants have such features as:

• Top-Quality Food: A great restaurant will offer people a combination of fresh ingredients, time-honored recipes and inventive touches. For instance, a restaurant might specialize in old-world European cuisine but add subtle touches of Asian and Middle Eastern dishes. The best Eagle restaurants hire chefs with extensive training and experience, who can create flavor profiles that couples will talk about long after the meal is over.

• Great Service: A world-class restaurant does more than offer fantastic food. The best Eagle restaurants distinguish themselves by providing superior service as well. The servers and Maître d’hotels will be disciplined, prompt and considerate of their guests’ needs. They will treat a loved one as respectfully as their partner could want.

• Special Events: Great restaurants in Eagle and surrounding areas may also give guests access to professional, high-quality entertainment. Some restaurants are located within full-service event venues, which schedule special events like live music, dinner theater and more.

When a couple books a reservation at a top-quality restaurant in Eagle, they can get much more than a good meal. They can get a lavish, delightful experience that they will remember for a very long time.

Le Coq d’Or is one of the finest upscale restaurants in Idaho’s Treasure Valley. It is located at Eagle’s Chateau des Fleurs, a premier full-service event venue. Whether the occasion is a romantic date, a wedding, a business conference or just a night on the town, Chateau des Fleurs has resources for it.

About Chateau des Fleurs

Chateau des Fleurs is an elegant, fully automated event venue in Eagle, Idaho. It has facilities for a wide range of special occasions and is one of the best Boise wedding venues. Chateau des Fleurs is also home to Le Coq d’Or, which offers some of the finest food in the Boise-Eagle area.

For additional information, visit Chateaueagle.com

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Chateau des Fleurs: The Best Restaurant in Eagle, Idaho

Restaurants are the perfect place where you can enjoy delectable food and celebrate your special occasions. Chateau des Fleurs is a full-service restaurant and event venue in Eagle, Meridian and Boise, Idaho, providing unique space for conferences, private events or weddings.

For more information visit - http://chateaueagle.com/

Source: http://chateaueagle.com

Make an Event More Special with the Perfect Venue

Life milestones deserve to be celebrated with family, friends and other loved ones. Just as importantly, they deserve to be celebrated at the right venue. The ambiance of a venue can have a profound impact on the people who attend an event. A venue’s style can define and enhance the mood of a wedding, for example, and help convey how two newlyweds feel about each other—as well as the best wishes of those close to them.

Eagle is a charming city with much to admire. Bordering Boise, Idaho’s capital city, Eagle has numerous fine dining restaurants offering a variety of cuisines from around the world. Eagle restaurants can serve as exquisite spots for weddings, dates and much more.


Many popular Eagle-area restaurants and wedding venues offer a wide array of services to local customers. Some of them feature signature events (i.e. events which are exclusive to that particular venue). For instance, certain Eagle venues hire acclaimed local musicians to perform on occasions like New Year’s Eve or Valentine’s Day. They spare no expense to provide patrons with memories which they will cherish forever.


Some of the top restaurants in Eagle also have resources for professional events. Venues in the area offer amenities and services for corporate functions. Business-people can take advantage of conveniences like complimentary Wi-Fi, televisions with 4K resolution and, of course, some of the most delicious food and wine in the region.


The finest Eagle and Boise wedding venues pay attention to even the smallest details. They have elegant furniture and supply elegant, personalized flower arrangements. Booking a wedding reception in a fine dining establishment can help families eliminate the stress of catering-related issues.


Chateau des Fleurs is the perfect place for weddings, corporate events, celebrations or simple nights on the town. It has two lavish ballrooms for large gatherings and an extraordinary bridal suite with complimentary Camille Beckman body products. Patrons can also reserve elegant dining rooms for more intimate affairs. Chateau des Fleurs proudly houses Le Coq d’Or, bringing delectable French and European dishes with over 100 hand-selected wines.


About Chateau des Fleurs


Chateau des Fleurs is home to Le Coq d’Or, one of the finest restaurants in Eagle Idaho. In addition to world-class cuisine, the full-service venue boasts attentive service and elegant facilities for several occasions, including corporate gatherings and weddings.


For additional information, visit Chateaueagle.com

Source: http://chateaueagle.com